Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1986, Marco Visconti started as a contemporary women’s fashion brand that offers affordable luxury with feminine sensibility. For more than 25 years, Marco Visconti built its brand, winning customers across Europe with its beautiful designs and fine workmanship.

Recently reinvented, and now headquartered in Hong Kong, Marco Visconti evolved from a ladies' fashion brand to a fashion and lifestyle specialist. Today, while Marco Visconti continues to merge traditional methods with new techniques and innovative fabrics to create timeless fashion pieces, Marco Visconti is also committed to excite and inspire our customers by merging fashion, art, design, and music to create a sensational experience.


Design Philosophy

Marco Visconti appreciates timeless design that lives beyond the season. Marco Visconti designs for the Urban Nobility who does not only confident in themselves but also love and gentle for others. Our designers stop short of nothing to give each piece the affection and detail it needs to make it a design classic, but they will never forget to put little joyful elements in each of our pieces.

Marco Visconti’s designers produce three collections per year, garnering their inspiration from European history, culture, and art as well as fragments of beauty in everyday life. Our designs are on-trend, yet wearable, integrating season-specific fashionable prints, fabrics, and silhouettes without comprising the timeless classical elegance. Marco Visconti’s collection colors are sometimes bright but always in harmony and peace that is the Marco Visconti brand.

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