Frequently asked questions

What type of condominium is the adult lifestyle community in Sally Creek?

The adult lifestyle community in Sally Creek is a common elements condominium. All the homes are freehold (owned completely by the homeowner) and are Parcels of Tied Land (POTLs) to the common elements, which in this case are the adult lifestyle amenities. This means homeowners share ownership of the shared adult lifestyle amenities and contribute a small monthly fee to the maitenance of such. The interest in the common elements are registered on title for each POTL.
In this style of condominium, homeowners are responsible for maintaining and landscaping their home and property. As the streets are municipal, there are no condominium fees for their maitenance. We believe this type of condomium offers homeowners an affordable way to enjoy adult community living!

Who can use the recreation centre?

The recreation centre in Sally Creek is for the exclusive use of the adult lifestyle community homeowners and their friends and family. Members of the adult lifestyle community can rent the recreation centre for private functions subject to availability.

Is the golf course part of the adult lifestyle community?

Although you can often find members of the Sally Creek adult lifestyle community on the golf course, the course is not part of the condominium and is open to the public. Interested in arranging a tee time? Check out!

How do I visit the models suites?

To see the model suites, call Deanna Phillips to make your personal appointment at 226-289-1943 or email:

Is exterior maintenance covered in our monthly rent?

No, plowing and shoveling the sidewalks in the winter. Grass and yard maintenance are each home owners responsibility.

Is there an extra charge to use the clubhouse?

No. It is included in your monthly fee.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes! We know how hard it is to leave a pet behind, and we want you to feel at home from the beginning.

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