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      • Easter is coming…what’s better than having some really nice chocolate?

        To add more sweetness to the joyful season, celebrate the time with a beautiful box of Prestat chocolate. Coming from the U.K, we’re happy to share our favourite taste with all chocolate lovers! Jewel Box It is the number one listed on our festive table setting! Boosting a wealth of...

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      • Discover

        It was a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Walking around the villages and visiting shops, we learned more about the local culture. We took the time to go sightseeing; shopping in the traditional markets and visiting art museum to get us indulged.    Religion influences their daily life....

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      • Traveling on taste buds

        Sailing around the world with your taste buds, Hong Kong is definitely a food heaven with limitless eating options night or day. Blending of spicy, sweet, salty and sour, there is no surprise that Thai cuisine is popular attributed to its exotic flavours. Spending a relaxing evening with great food,...

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      • Helping Rural Communities in Southeast Asia

        Vietnam and Cambodia are both very fast growing economies.  However, many of the villages in the rural areas still lack the infrastructure of electricity, roads, and clean water.  To seek better job opportunity and improve living standard, village people often need to go to big cities like HCMC or Phnom...

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      • Myanmar – All that Surreal and Traditional

        The reason to take a journey to Myanmar is simple – there is just no other place quite like this fascinating country. This is one of the very few places in the world that retains a lot of its characters since it was freed from British colonial government more than...

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